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The Diabetes Drug Avandia and Heart Problems

In May 2007, the New England Journal of Medicine published an article citing that patients using the diabetes drug Avandia (rosiglitazone maleate) face an increased risk of Avandia side effects such as heart attack or heart-related death.

This is especially troubling news for diabetics, who are already at an increased risk of heart attack. In addition, the ADOPT study (released in late June 2007) showed that women who take Avandia are at an increased risk of suffering bone fractures.

Avandia received Food and Drug Administration approval in June 1999 as a treatment for type 2 diabetes.

Fluid retention, bad cholesterol—and more

Although there was evidence that Avandia could cause fluid retention and a rise in “bad” cholesterol—two risk factors for heart problems—the FDA allowed Avandia to be marketed and sold, despite getting just a six-month review.

Doctors have written about 60 million Avandia prescriptions since GlaxoSmithKline put it on the market, including more than 13 million last year.

The authors of the NEJM article pooled the records of 28,000 patients involved in 42 clinical trials for Avandia. Patients taking Avandia were 64% more likely to die from heart problems and 43% more likely to suffer a heart attack than patients who were given another drug or a placebo.

In total, 158 patients involved in the Avandia clinical trials suffered a heart attack, and 61 people taking Avandia died.

Because most of the studies analyzed lasted only a few weeks, the risk of Avandia side effects may be much higher, according to Dr. Steven Nissen of the Cleveland Clinic, lead author of the NEJM study.

The FDA’s response

Based on the research of Dr. Nissen and his colleagues, the FDA has announced plans to conduct a more detailed examination of Avandia side effects.

Within two weeks of the publication of Dr. Nissen’s research, the agency ordered a “black-box” warning for Avandia’s label.

The agency is urging patients to speak with their doctors about other options for treating their diabetes symptoms, but it currently has no plans to issue an Avandia recall. That may change as the number of Avandia lawsuits grows.

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Stappen zorg moeten worden genomen in de iPhone Repair

De iPhone is internet-enabled smartphone is ontwikkeld door Apple. Tegenwoordig is er een enorme toename in het gebruik van iPhones; echter, zal elke vorm van schade die het nutteloos maken. Dus de reparatie van beschadigde iPhones zijn een belangrijk ding. Fabrikanten van iPhone zijn bevelen vooral twee opties voor het repareren van iPhones, of we kunnen het repareren zelf met de hulp van de iPhone reparatiekit en handleiding online beschikbaar of vraag de hulp van een getrainde en ervaren technicus in een betrouwbare erkende iPhone reparateur. Het voordeel van wanneer gaan we met de eerste optie is dat een beginnende gebruiker het vertrouwen om de beschadigde iPhone te repareren vanwege de gebruiksvriendelijke tutorials en video’s online beschikbaar krijgt. Hoge kans op het vinden van stap voor stap instructies voor reparatie van iPhones van internet maakt de optie fantastisch.

Als de iPhone is zeer gevoelig voor storing en gevoelig, kunnen we gaan met de tweede optie als je niet kunt volgen de tutorials of reparatieset. De tweede optie suggereert het nemen van de hulp van geschoolde technicus in een iPhone-service center. Hier de selectie van een goede service center is een uitdagende taak. Het selecteren van een goede service center is een belangrijke taak en door het verzamelen van feedback en informatie van vrienden of familieleden die onlangs gerepareerd hun beschadigde iPhone met goedkoop tarief en een betere kwaliteit kan voordelig zijn. We moeten proberen om voorrang te geven aan service centers die het aanbieden van een snelle reparatie en het verdere onderhoud tips selecteren. Veel service centers zijn om ons met allerlei reparatie bij betaalbaar tarief. We kunnen ofwel noemen deze centra of maken een bezoek aan hun site voor meer informatie over elke geautoriseerde service centers weten. De iPhones zijn erg duur telefoons; Daarom, de voordelen van het gaan voor een reparatie van beschadigde iPhone in plaats van een nieuwe te kopen zal het geld besparen en ook helpen om de beschadigde telefoon terug te krijgen in de normale toestand.

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The Rule of Law

The laws of nature are just as they treat every specie (and not only man) with equality. In a jungle, every specie gets its due share of food, air and water which enable them to live a dignified life without being dependent on any other creation.  However, in the man’s world, every other creature is killed if it is not useful for man. They can survive only if they can be useful for man. Thus man’s world does not treat any other creature of the nature with respect and does not provide them any right of equality, liberty, justice or fraternity. He cleverly usurps this universal law and makes it applicable only for human beings. For all other lesser species, he has created a man-made-law, calling it ‘the law of jungle’ or ‘the survival of the fittest’ which justifies his domination over the weak creations. The fact, on the contrary, is that the laws of jungle are far more just and equal for all species than the man-made-law.

The progress of man can be largely attributed in understanding these basic principles of nature and exploiting them for the benefit of the human race at the cost of the rest of the creations. The laws of man, therefore, run contrary to the laws of nature as they are human-centric and not designed for all the creations of God or Nature. Indian thinkers in the Vedic period, i.e. around 3000 years before the birth of Christ, discovered that the universe does not perform its functions at random but follows certain laws. These were called “Rita” or the universal laws or principles that guided the universe.

One of the basic differences between man-made-laws and the laws of Nature is that the laws of nature are spontaneous as they require no effort in implementation. For example, in a natural piece of earth like a forest, the earth produces trees, plants, fruits and vegetables spontaneously without any need of watering or breeding. The nature itself provides timely rain and fertilizer to the new plants. The forests and the mountains are covered with greenery and beauty, which is purely natural since it comes without any effort. Nature makes no distinction between one specie, and the other as all species are the children of the same God.

On the contrary, the man-made creations like parks, trees, plants are artificially made. They too may look as beautiful as the natural ones, yet they cannot survive without regular effort on the part of man. Imagine a park, which is not maintained for a few months, or a house not cleaned for months. It will lose all its beauty and soon be filled with dust and weeds. No building or modern gadget can survive without external effort from man. However, all natural creations are able to survive on their own and maintain their existence; and enjoy their life without any external support.

Most men are not concerned about the way they treat the lesser animals as they feel that ‘the survival of the fittest’ theory is more logical than the laws of nature. However, they forget that every principle created in the universe has to be applied on them also and that they may not always be a beneficiary. Man-made-laws do not stop with animals but they soon spread their wings to encompass human beings, too. This is where conflicts between man and man starts that gives rise to hatred and wars. Man feels the pinch when the law of jungle is applied against them and the law of nature is denied to him. He is hurt when he is treated like weeds by the society.

Weeds: The Undesirable Plants of Nature?

One of the most interesting creations of the natural world is weed. Weeds are undesirable vegetation in the kingdom of plants. Weeds are defined as any plant that is not valued by the human society and usually tends to overgrow or compete with valued flora. Weeds are the plants which are considered by human beings as unattractive, undesirable, or troublesome.

In the natural world, man has to continuously fight against weeds to make their artificial plants survive. Weeds grow automatically and if the artificial gardens do not have the support of man, it is soon overpowered by weeds and the whole field or garden becomes full of weeds. Weeds are created by Nature (God) as no human effort is required to grow them. They are, however, so powerful that man has to continuously guard his creation from these weeds, lest all creation of the civilized society is destroyed. Weeds are as undesirable to man in the world of plants as criminals in the human society.

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Choice Of Law In Syndicated Loans And Bonds

The practicality provides the opportunity to the lender to have preference in ‘choice of law’, as in case of a dispute, it is his money that would need to be recovered. In case of the Euro bonds, where an investment bank helps in selling securities, the situation becomes different, as the lenders appear on scene after the bond is issued under certain terms including the matter of choice of law. In any case, while exercising the choice, it is preferred that such system is chosen that is familiar to the parties, so that the tendency of using certain type of financial transactions needs not to be changed. Further, the dealing with legal as well as business issues could be convenient. It is also important that the system chosen is greatly mature and the relevant jurisdiction enjoys good reputation for its impartiality. Political stability in that specific jurisdiction and convenience of language are also important factors in choosing a certain system of law.

The incident of freezing of foreign currency accounts following imposition of emergency after the atomic tests in 1998, the stock market suffered such a huge loss that it took years to recover. In such a situation no serious financial activity can grow without fear of the unseen. While the enforcing forum is not less important a factor; the most significant factor of having the choice of law clause is the “insulation of the loan contract from legal changes in the borrower’s country. While outlining the contract some of the essential documents would be prepared; for example, in case of a bond issue, the subscription agreement, the trust deed, the agreement between managers, the selling group agreement and the bond instruments themselves, and in case of the syndicated loan, the loan agreement. All of these legal documents would require validity, enforceability and when needed interpretation. This could only be done under an agreed system of law.

Determination of rights and liabilities and interpretation of the legal documents would involve a number of laws relevant to the different issue. These may include the securities law, principles of contract, interpretation of contracts law, insolvency law, negotiable instruments law, and the like. All these laws should relate to one system of law, so as to make their interpretation and implementation possible. Most ideally, it is an external law, having a potential to insulate the loan contract from legal changes, especially, in the borrower’s country. English law worthy of playing such a role. There is another advantage of choosing it: it doesn’t demand any connection of the lender or borrower with England.

There are more than 310 jurisdictions in the world, which are grouped into nine classes i.e. Traditional English, American Common Law, Mixed Roman/common law, Germanic and Scandinavian, Mixed Franco-Latin/Germanic, Traditional Franco-Latin, Emerging Jurisdictions, Islamic Jurisdictions and Unallocated Jurisdictions. These categories are further combined into three major types: Common Law, Napoleonic and Roman-Germanic jurisdictions. This much number of jurisdictions naturally has a potential to create problems in case of international syndicated loans and bonds where different systems of law would be involved. So, it becomes imperative to have ‘choice of law’ clause in the legal documents.


The term international, in the syndicated loans and bonds, entails multiple laws, forums and jurisdictions. The conflict of laws, in such a case, is natural. Combination of laws, given their different approaches, is not a workable proposition. Harmonization of financial laws at international level is still an idealistic suggestion. So, to form, interpret and execute the international contracts, there is a need to adopt a single system of law. This, the parties to a contract can choose at the time of the concluding of the contract. This is done to ensure the validity, enforceability and interpretation of all the legal documents relevant to the contracts of syndicated loans and bonds. It helps eliminate the uncertainty and unpredictability of the fate of a contract.

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Go On a Buying Spree for FIFA Coins

If you have just bought your FIFA 13 or FIFA 14 video game then Congratulations! You would   have played a few games and you would have won some, drew a few and lost a few too.

If you are in a hurry to collect as many fifa coins in the shortest possible time and you do want to wait thenthe best choice would be to buy FIFA coins.

How to buy them?

There aretwo ways to buy the fifer coins

  • Earn them by playing the FUT ( FIFA ultimate team) matches
  • Buy them online through various payment options


Where to buy?

There are no of websites which act as middlemen for buying and selling.These websites buy the coins from other players who have a huge stock of fifa coins for a certain amount. The players such as you would be planning to buy some too at a nominal price or a discount.

Hassle free payment

You can pay online and rest assured the transaction is done in a safe and secure method and as per protocols.

Online delivery

Since these   are completely online, you only have to wait for an alert in your computer and not wait at your door! You can receive the coins in the shortest possible time of 5 -30 minutes .That’s how easy it is!

Best way to buy

Buying online from reputed website is the best way to buy these coins since the website as said earlier will have a huge pile of coins and they are never out of stock.

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An Introduction to PPI Claims & Compensation

 Payment protection insurance (more commonly known as PPI) is a type of insurance that has been sold alongside credit cards, mortgages, and loans – its initial use was to protect the borrower in the instance that he/she was unable to pay the money back i.e. if they had lost their job or suddenly became ill. The insurance can be useful in some instances such as the ones just listed, but many banks and lenders and mis-sold the insurance without first checking the suitability of the customer.


The insurance has been available since the 1990s and has only recently received a lot of controversy. Many people are now trying to reclaim compensation for the PPI that they was wrongfully mis-sold and it’s safe to say that a lot of compensation has been paid out to the victims of the scandal. There is still a lot of compensation yet to be claimed though…


Not Everyone Is Reclaiming


It’s safe to say that not everyone is filing claims for the compensation that they could be owed for the wrongful mis-selling of payment protection insurance. There are an abundance of reasons for this, such as:


  • People are too busy with their jobs and their schedule and simply don’t have the time to dedicate to filing a claim.
  • They are unsure of the process that they must go through and thus are postponing the claim in hopes that the process will become easier or even automatic in years to come.
  • They aren’t certain about how much money they could be owed and whether it would really be worth their time at all.


These are some very valid reasons for not wanting to claim compensation but there are many ways to get around this and file your claim without coming into contact with the obstacles that have just been mentioned.


Overcoming the Obstacles


Many people are now opting to go with the claims management companies when filing their claim. These companies are becoming so popular simply because they will guide you through the whole process and make sure that your questions and concerns are answered properly. They will be able to file your claim for you and implement the necessary steps to ensure that there are no mistakes and a minimal chance of the claim being rejected by the bank or lender.


There are a few people who don’t like these companies because they take a commission of your compensation, but for the amount of work that they put into your claim it’s only fair that they do receive some sort of compensation – they can’t work for free.


Here is the link for ppi claims 4 which are a top claims management firm based in yorkshire, UK.

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Laat niet het glas van uw iPad scherm graven een gat in je zak

Apple staat bekend om het brengen van innovatieve producten in de markt. Haar IPod was een revolutionair product dat de ervaring van muziek geherdefinieerd. Met zijn IPhone Apple kocht een trend van touchscreen smartphones op de markt en dan is het een revolutie in entertainment met de IPad scala aan tablets. De iPad is een geweldig stukje techniek als het heeft al het plezier dat je kunt krijgen van uw computers, maar het is klein en zeer draagbaar. Wanneer je laptop gebruiken draagbaarheid betekent dat u een computer gebruiken bij u thuis en kan het te dragen naar andere plaatsen waar u kunt zitten en ontspannen en wilt gebruiken.

Maar een tablet-pc biedt u de flexibiliteit om uw computer te gebruiken op de weg. Je kan in een overvolle bus of in de krappe achterbank van een kleine auto, maar u kunt uw tab altijd gemakkelijk te gebruiken zonder de noodzaak om voldoende ruimte te maken voor het.

Tabletten zijn leuk en het beste deel over hen is dat je niet nodig hebt om ze opnieuw en opnieuw stilgelegd omdat ze links kunnen worden ingeschakeld, zoals mobiele telefoons en nog genoeg accu te gebruiken gedurende de dag zonder dat te worden gebruikt opnieuw worden opgeladen. De levensduur van de batterij van een Apple iPad is gewoon geweldig en het scherm ziet er prachtig uit alle kijkhoeken. Maar als een of andere manier per ongeluk het scherm van uw iPad breekt vervolgens naar de Apple Store betekent de uitgaven veel geld maar je hoeft niet te doen als je iPad scherm vervangen kunt krijgen bij Fix & Install tegen zeer redelijke prijzen.

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Student loan is the big problem for the youngsters.

Some of the highly intended brads have trouble with the concept of student loan debt, Studentloandebtconsolidation has a talk with the Merlin who is a teacher but also work for three part time jobs to make the lends meet which are over sixty thousand dollar and the total income is about forty five thousand.


With the discussion with her she told that as being the member of the society she has certain rules and obligations and when you are into some contract you have to fulfill that contract. With the bachelors and laws degree Jack is in a hundred thousand dollar in a loan and he said that he take the money knowingly as I knew was a loan and not paying back in all is doesn’t seem like.

There are some other people who have will to do anything to escape themselves from taking loan and one of them is Ben who resent to have loan forgiveness and he is graduating from past three years, one of that years he went to zest school suddenly he wished to take his family and himself to the same place would be a lot of trouble so living their alone and completing my studies by doing the part time jobs as I want to have complete Student Loan Debt Consolidation from my side.

Most of the people have committed to pay their loans back, he graduated from forward law school with the 65,000 dollar debt.

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Best SEO Companies in the industry

The companies who are doing business through the internet are very keen in the search engine optimization. They may be the companies who are selling different products through online. These sites are hugely depended on the internet. The search engines are the tool that the customers users to find the sites that have the products that the customers wish to buy. When the customer searches for some thing in the internet, the search engine will provide the details of the sites which contains those things. The priority of display of the websites containing these products is that the sites with the maximum number of customers and the sites which are updating their sites regularly will be on the top of the list. Therefore, all the companies will be keen to be on that top list because the customers will buy products mainly from the top list sites. The process of making a website to be in the top list of the search engine results by regularly updating the details in the website and offering good offers to the customers is called search engine optimization.

The companies which offer this service is available all around the world. Los Angeles SEO agency are famous among them. They are considered to be the best in the industry as they offer quality service to their customers. The SEO work is nowadays turned to be a big hit as all the companies who are having websites are using the SEO agencies to improve their websites.

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Assistance provided by Forex systems in trading

Tthe introduction of Forex systems has helped the trading in a big way. It provides signals to the trading people, to make them know what the present trading situation is, and whether they are safe to issue the trade at the particular time. There are so many types of Forex signals present. They are issued with different levels of price. Some of them are fairly free and some of them will be issued for certain price. The Forex system works by the method that a mathematician or a programmed system will analyze the business field and will sent signals to the trader to make them aware of the situation. This will help the trader to take the decision of when they should initialize the trade. By this, the chances of getting huge profit for aparticular business is very high.

The trader needs to get in to a little background of the forex trading system before appointing any Forex broker. Before they make a decision to appoint some one, they have to research the previous work that these brokers have done. A successful history is an important thing for a Forex broker as the reliability is one of the most important factor. The performance of the Forex system which produce the signals to the trader is also very important thing. The software that they use should comply the performance standards that they need to keep. The Forex system is doing an amazing work to help the various people who are related to trade.

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